What A Passenger Should Do When A Plane Takes Off And Lands

Flying is beloved thing for many travellers. They feel inspiration when a plane takes off. Flying is not only fun. Passengers have to follow certain rules. If they don’t, it can lead to negative consequences.

The most stressful situations happen when a plane takes off or lands. In such situations people start panicking often. They do not know how to behave. It is important to stick to strict rules when travelling by plane.

Rules to Know

It is crucial to know basic rules of travelling. If a person doesn’t do it, he puts in danger his own life. Here are some rules people have to follow when a plane takes off or lands:

  • Fasten safety belts. It is a very basic rule. It should be followed when a flight starts and finishes. It also good to keep belts fastened during a flight. Belts help many people to overcome the fear of flying. They are firmly buckled and help to fix human body.
  • Put a table up. Some passengers make mistake keeping a table down. This small thing can cause major troubles. If there are any shakes when a plane goes up or down a table can hurt a person a lot. It is important not to underestimate this rule of thumb.
  • Put the chair back straight. Even a little decline is dangerous. That is why if a flight attendant asks to fix the seat, do it. Look on both sides. It is possible your neighbour did not do it. It can cost him life.
  • Never stand up. Some passengers think it is a joke. So, they continue to pack their luggage when the aircraft takes off. This is dangerous for many reasons. It is possible you lose balance when the plane takes off. If it is the case, people simply fall down. They can traumatize many people. So, it is not a good idea at all.
  • Fix luggage shelf door well. It is one of the most common mistakes. Passengers sometimes do not care how firmly a luggage shelf door is closed. If the flight attendant does not check it, a bag can fall on someone’s head. The consequences can be awful.
  • Do not drink or eat. It is an important rule to keep in mind. Planes that go up or sit down, do not move smoothly. So, they can shake. It can make a passenger choke.
  • Do not read. Reading when a plane is on the ground is not a good thing. You can damage the eyesight a lot. It’s better to start reading when lights are on. You can also use light over your seat. It will be more precise. You will be able to read with more comfort.
  • Keep children sitted. It is a golden rule. Children rarely sit on one place for long. They prefer to move. When a plane takes off it evokes in them many emotions. They want to move along with the aircraft. It is important to keep kids on one place. It will help to save them from injuries.

These are rules every person has to know about. Make sure to stick to them. It will guarantee you travel safely.

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