How A Passenger Has To Behave In Case Of Turbulence Or Air Pockets

Many people have a strong fear of flying. It happens due to many reasons. Some passengers are afraid of height. In majority of cases passengers fear turbulent zones and air pockets.

The feeling a person gets when they feel turbulence is very strange. It depends on a particular persons. A passenger can start to cough, feel dizziness. Major troubles can happen to humans because of panicking.

Paniс is an overwhelming feeling. It can traumatize human psychologically and block body functions. A person can get psychological blockage even if the body works fine. That is why panicking is strongly forbidden in case of turbulence.

Rules to Follow

There are several rules passengers can stick to. In case a plane gets into the insecure zone, passengers will be informed by a pilot. This is why it is important to listen to announcements the crew gives. Here are other important rules to follow:

  • Do not stand up. It is the basic rule. Some people neglect it. Feeling fear, they start to move around the plane. In case a plane gets into an air pocket the consequence of such action can be fatal. A person has to sit on a seat during all the flight no matter what happens.
  • Keep safety belts fastened firmly. Passengers forget this rule of thumb. A belt has to be fastened during the flight. If it is not, a human body will not be fixed firmly on the chair.
  • Take paper bags. During unsafe situations many passengers lack air. It is a very widely spread reaction of the body. If that is the case, they have to breathe into a paper bag. It will stabilise their breath. It is also good to use yoga breathing techniques. A person has to breathe in deeply several times. It will help to calm down and reduce panic attacks.
  • Lay on the seat. A person has to lay a back on a seatback. It is the most secure position to travel. In this case turbulence will be felt less. It will also give a person the feeling of security.
  • Put a seat back in a straight position. People often sleep during flights. If that is the case a person has to be woken up. In areas of turbulence it is better to be awake. A passenger has to switch the position of a chair. He has to put it in a straight position.
  • Do not use phone. There is no need to use mobiles during flights. It is good to remember that they are forbidden. If a person uses the phone during a turbulent zone it can influence functioning of aircraft. It can lead to catastrophic consequences.

These are the main rules any passenger has to follow during a flight. If he does so, he will feel comfortable while flying. It will help to leave fears behind.

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