Travel Tips

What A Passenger Should Do When A Plane Takes Off And Lands

Flying is beloved thing for many travellers. They feel inspiration when a plane takes off. Flying is not only fun. Passengers have to follow certain rules. If they donโ€™t, it can lead to negative consequences.

The most stressful situations happen when a plane takes off or lands. In such situations people start panicking often. They do not know how to behave. It is important to stick to strict rules when travelling by plane. read more

How A Passenger Has To Behave In Case Of Turbulence Or Air Pockets

Many people have a strong fear of flying. It happens due to many reasons. Some passengers are afraid of height. In majority of cases passengers fear turbulent zones and air pockets.

The feeling a person gets when they feel turbulence is very strange. It depends on a particular persons. A passenger can start to cough, feel dizziness. Major troubles can happen to humans because of panicking. read more

The Cheapest And The Quickest Way To Get To Kiev From New York

New York is one of the destinations everyone should go at least once in a lifetime. It is an amazing city with numerous things to explore. If traveling is in your DNA, you should definitely add this city on your list. However, today more and more American travelers add Kiev on the list of must-visit cities. As Ukraine is a new destination for them, they search for the cheapest and quickest ways to get to Kiev from NY. Some of the following tips might be helpful for efficient planning of a trip from NY to Kiev. read more

How to Properly Check in at the Airport

If you have never flown before, you’ve probably already heard enough how tiresome a check-in process in the airport is. Literally, it can take hours. This is mainly because of a long check-in process why you come to the airport earlier than the flight is.

But check in at the airport can be easy and simple if you know a couple of useful travel hacks. Don’t know them yet? Keep reading. We’ve prepared six check-in tips every traveler should know. read more